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ooak exhibitor manual
March 29 to April 2, 2023
Spring 2023 Exhibitor Manual
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You can WIN!

We are looking forward to The 2023 One Of A Kind Spring Show and showcasing the talent and creativity of our exhibitors! We have some exciting award categories, contests, and initiatives for you to get involved with and have a chance to win cash prizes. 

Sustainability Award

Sustainability Award - 2023 One Of A Kind Spring Show 

“At the most basic level, sustainability means that generations in 50 or even 500 years can thrive. At the company level, it means that we have to identify and manage our impacts on the environment and people, and consciously act to leave a positive footprint.”- John Rishton, Chairman, 2021 Informa Sustainability Report

One Of A Kind is committed to having a positive impact on people and the planet. Through the FasterForward program, our aim is to become a positive impact business by embedding sustainability into everything we do, and seizing opportunities to help our customers and communities to do the same.

This means we are always finding ways to improve and communicate our efforts but also create space for your to share what you are proud to be doing with our community also. Because the vast majority (over 85%) of recently surveyed One Of A Kind visitors say it matters that our event is run in an environmentally and socially sustainable way. And over 90% of respondents recognize that One Of A Kind encourages people to shop small and support local businesses. So we want you to be able to share what you are proud to be doing with an audience who also supports your efforts.

We know One Of A Kind Artisans such as yourself already do a phenomenal job of reducing waste for your booth builds. Because most of you participate in multiple events, your stands are built to be re-used, passed along, and planned with creativity and ingenuity in design and material sourcing. We know you apply that same ingenuity to your business.

So let us know how your business is making a positive impact. How is sustainability built into your operations, your story, and your participation at One Of A Kind? What impacts are you making that you are proud to share?

Our sustainability Panel will be reviewing submissions and selecting one submission to receive the One Of A Kind Sustainability Award at this year’s event.

This award will be given out to an exhibitor who is doing their part to drive environmental impact, social impact, and inspire others through their business operations and practices.

The following may be considered:

  • Environmental Impact: including the active steps taken to reduce their business’ environmental footprint and making waste reduction an integral part of their business practice.
  • Social Impact: the active steps to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in their business, and/or to support your local community.
  • Efforts to Inspire Sustainable Development beyond your business: taking active steps to contribute, enhance or give back to their community.

Want to submit your business to be considered for this award? Complete the form below and let us know what you are doing to contribute to a more sustainable future for makers and craft enthusiasts.

Deadline to enter: March 23, 2023, 11:59 PM EST.

The winner will be announced at the show and awarded a prize of $400.00 and shared on our social media.

Theme Competition

The exciting return of the much-loved theme competition!

Each year, we challenge our vendors to take a break from their regular production schedule and flex their creative muscles for our theme competition. We pick the subject and you create a One Of A Kind piece in your medium to build a super fun onsite display that welcomes customers to the show and gives them a taste of the talent they are about to experience!

Theme Competition Entry Deadline: Friday, March 17, 2023.

Social Media Awards 2023

Are you a social media maven with an unending fountain of creativity? Then social media awards for #OOAK23 Spring Show are the perfect opportunity to show off your talents! Whether you excel at photography, art, writing, or music, this competition is the perfect way to get inspired and stir your creative juices. So what are you waiting for? Start creating and start winning today!

#OOAK23 Instagram Star

You can become an #OOAK23 Instagram Star and Win $500.

Criteria: Winners will be selected at random if you meet the following criteria:

  • Use all Hashtags part of the #OOAKDiariesChallenge along with the show hashtag #OOAK23
  • Frequency of show hashtag #OOAK23 and assets on their Instagram
  • Creativity in promoting their presence at the 2023 One of A Kind Spring Show on  their Instagram via reels, stories, posts

#OOAK22 Most Creative

You can become an #OOAK23 Most Creative Maker and win $350.

Criteria: Winners will be selected at random if you meet the following criteria:

  • Use at least 50% of the #OOAKDiariesChallenge along with the show hashtag #OOAK23
  • Creativity in promoting their presence at the 2023 One of A Kind Spring Show via various Instagram features- stories/ Instagram Live/ Reels with the use of show hashtags #OOAK23

Best Booth Awards

These awards go out to exhibitors who go the extra mile with their booth display. Our judges will consider factors like good lighting, clear branding, and use of space. They will award winners in five different categories in order to spread the love to exhibitors at all levels of their One Of A Kind career.

Heavyweight (booths 150 sq feet and up): $600

Middleweight (booths 75 - 100 sq ft): $400

Featherweight (50 sq ft booths): $300

Rookie of the Year (Rising Stars booths): $250

Marketplace: $200

There is no need to enter--just by participating in the show, you are eligible for our Best Booth Awards. Look out for the winners to be announced on social media and in the onsite newsletter.

One Of A Kind Community Help Line - Presented by Duuo Insurance

One Of a Kind Community Help Line Presented by Duuo Insurance

Duuo Insurance to support you and your small business! Duuo Insurance wants to see how you support your fellow small businesses. Be the most helpful contributor in the exhibitor's Artisan Facebook group for a chance to win!

One Of A Kind will be choosing a maker once a month, EVERY MONTH for a YEAR to win a $125 OOAK Gift Certificate to shop at the Show! Good luck & let the helping begin!

Duuo is an excellent choice for your insurance provider for the show, check it out.

Unsung Hero

This award ($500) is intended to recognize a member of the One Of A Kind Exhibitor community who always goes above and beyond for their peers. Whether it is always to be there to offer advice, watch your booth, or lend a ladder; you can always count on this community member to be there for you.

Nominate your Unsung Hero Here