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November 25 to December 5, 2021
Winter 2021 Exhibitor Manual
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  • Show Info
  • Move-In & Move-Out
  • Booth Regulations
  • Health & Safety
  • Exhibitor Services
  • Onsite Exhibitor Services
  • Selling Guidelines
  • Onsite Customer Services
  • Special Sections
  • Official Suppliers
  • COVID-19
  • Version Française


During move-in and set-up, all exhibitors and helpers must wear a move-in sticker badge, which will be available at all entrances to the Show. Once on the show floor, you can pick up your permanent exhibitor badges.

NEW THIS YEAR: Each exhibitor will receive a specific move in date and time during which they can arrive onsite and begin to set up.

You will receive information about your assigned move-in time in mid-October.


6-Day Exhibitors, 11-Day Exhibitors, and Rising Stars
You will move-out on Sunday, December 5, 2021 from Show closing, 6:00 pm to 12 midnight. If you are packed and ready to go you will be permitted to dolly to your vehicle.  Additional information about move-out will be distributed to all exhibitors on-site.

An area will be designated for empty boxes which will allow easy access to your packing materials for move out. You will be able to store your empty boxes beginning Sunday, December 5, 2021 at 8:00 am. Please speak with the staff at the back loading dock to receive “Empty Crate” stickers and your assigned location.  All empty boxes, crates and/or containers must be clearly marked with the “Empty Crate” stickers and your name and booth number.

For those exhibitors using carriers that do not pick up on Sundays, you may leave your booth and materials for pick up on Monday, December 6, between 8:00 am and 12 noon. Everything must be packed up and labeled Sunday night and left in your booth for pick up on Monday by 12 noon. Any items not picked up by Monday, December 6, by 12 noon will be shipped back at the exhibitor’s expense. More information about move-out will be available on-site.
Any items left at the Enercare Centre after this time will be shipped back at the exhibitor’s expense.

5-Day Exhibitors
You will move-out on Monday, November 29, 2021 from Show closing, 9:00 pm to 12 midnight.  Please note that you will not be able to drive your vehicles into the building for move-out.  You will have the use of a dolly or you may carry your booth out that evening.  We ask that you have all materials out of the 5/6-Day area and building by 12 midnight so that our Show contractor may begin reconfiguring the area for the 6-Day exhibitors. Additional information about move-out will be distributed to 5-day exhibitors on-site.

Detailed instructions regarding move-out procedures will be delivered to your booth at the Show.

Marshalling Yard


How to Navigate the Marshalling Yard Process

All 11-Day and 5-Day exhibitors must first report to the Marshalling Yard at the corner of Fleet Street and Strachan Avenue. From the Marshalling Yard, exhibitors will be sent over to the Loading Dock area as appropriate unloading spaces become available (dependant on the exhibitor's choice of move-in offloading option).

Offloading Options for 5 &11-Day Exhibitors

To simplify the move-in procedure, we have put together a list of move-in options with four different ways that you can move into the exhibit hall. The fastest unloading option with minimal waiting time will be to dolly from/to your vehicle in the designated offloading area. We advise that you pack your vehicle accordingly. During move-in and set-up, all exhibitors must wear the move-in sticker badges that will be handed out onsite.

Exhibitors are NOT permitted to move-in through the front doors of the hall.

OPTION 1  Shipping Company Delivery

  1. For exhibitors who plan to have items delivered to the Show. The quickest and easiest option.
    When packing your booth and materials to be delivered to the show, ensure your items are clearly labeled with your company name, address, booth number and your shipping company.
  2. You must plan with your shipper to have your items delivered to your booth. If this will require a forklift, please order this service ahead of time with Stronco. If you are not going to be onsite for the delivery, notify the shipper and make sure they can leave your crate without a signature. The One Of A Kind Show staff cannot sign for any deliveries on your behalf.

OPTION 2  Valet Unloading Service

Save your time and your strength by taking advantage of Stronco’s Valet Unloading Service. Have your personal vehicle unloaded and your materials delivered right to your booth for you. This special service is also available during move-out. When you have completed your packing, Stronco personnel will move your packed merchandise from your booth and load it into your vehicle. Exhibitors who use the Valet Service are given priority at the loading docks during move-in and/or move-out and therefore avoid long wait times in the Marshalling Yard.

Note: Valet Service is only available for personal vehicles such as cars, minivans, sport utility vehicles and pick-up trucks. Vehicles not qualified to use the valet service include step vans, box trucks, trailers, any commercial vehicles, or a vehicle that can fit a pallet.

Exhibitors are advised to order ahead of time as the service is on a first-come, first-served basis. For more details, please download the Stronco Valet Service Order Form from the online kit.

OPTION 3 Dolly to your Booth

Park your car in the designated offloading area and dolly your items from your vehicle to your booth.

  1. Report to the Marshalling Yard and get a pass to drive to the Enercare Centre.
  2. From the Marshalling Yard you will be directed to the loading docks, where you will park.
  3. Unload your vehicle and dolly your product to your booth. Once your vehicle is empty, remove your vehicle immediately to allow fellow exhibitors to move in.
  4. Free parking is available in Lot 851 (south of the Enercare Centre) during move-in and move-out.

OPTION 4 Use a Loading Dock (East Loading Docks)

  1. Report to the Marshalling Yard and get a pass to drive to the Enercare Centre.
  2. You will be directed to park at a loading dock when one is free. Then, drive your vehicle to the assigned loading dock and unload your vehicle.
  3. When your vehicle is unloaded, remove it from the loading docks so your fellow exhibitors can make use of the docks.
  4. Free parking during move-in and move-out is available in Lot 851 (south of Enercare Centre).

OPTION 5 Drive to your Booth (Minimum 2 hour wait)

Choose this option if you cannot do option 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Only one vehicle is allowed per aisle at any time.  The only exhibitor vehicles allowed to drive into the building are cars and regular size passenger or cargo vans.  No cube vans, vans with extended cabs or trailers are allowed inside.

Report to the Marshalling Yard and get a pass to drive to your booth When a spot in your aisle becomes available you will be released from the Marshalling Yard and will drive over to the building..  This only happens once there is a path to your booth. Vehicles are restricted to one per aisle.
Upon arrival at the building you will be required to sign a waiver and then will be escorted to your booth. Unload your booth materials and stock in front of your booth. When you are ready to drive out of the building, ask for assistance in navigating. This can be arranged at the exhibitor entrance inside the roll-up door.  Do not drive to or from your booth without assistance from the One of a Kind Show staff.

Booth Packing Tips

  1. Label and number your booth pieces in the way they will be assembled or displayed. Combined with detailed instructions, this may result in shorter set up times. If you are transporting your items in your own vehicle, pack them in the reverse order that they will be assembled/displayed.
  2. Bring pictures of your booth in various stages of assembly. When questions arise, this will be a great resource.
  3. Make sure that all of your display items are packed securely in crates or boxes. Loose, pad-wrapped and non-palletized items are charged at higher rates. Be sure that your packing materials are adequate for both the means of transport and the sensitivity of your goods. If possible, ship all items in one crate to avoid individual shipping charges for each item.
  4. Coordinate your return shipment while making your shipping plans to the Show. Prepare labels for your return shipment prior to the Show.
  5. Bring a camera/cellphone so that you can photograph your fully assembled booth, damage, or important clients and contacts. Save the photos for future planning - a picture is worth a thousand words!
  6. Review estimated outbound charges for freight before the close of the Show. If you sell a lot of product, your outbound weight will be lower and therefore cheaper.
  7. Stock your supply box with the materials you'll need for set-up: Tape for your pad and carpet, extra light bulbs, touch up paint or matching felt markers, extension cords, rubber bands, broom, tarp to cover the booth overnight. When packing office supplies (like scissors, stapler, paper, pens, business cards, etc.) for the Show, organize them in divided containers so they're easier to locate and use. A big box full of stuff makes it hard to find what you need.
  8. Make your crates and cartons stand out on the Show floor. All crates can be dull and similar on the Show floor. Pick an outstanding colour or colour combination and paint the corners of your crates to identify amongst the sea of wood that this crate is yours. Any creative colouring ideas can be used, right down to painting the whole thing.
  9. Retire old crates and boxes. Packaging will only last so long. Boxes should only be realistically used for one round trip and a new carton used for your next event. Crates will last longer but need to be inspected and repaired before they are used again. Remember crates are designed to protect the contents. Dings and cracks and dents will happen as they do their job protecting what’s inside.
  10. Remove old address and carrier labels. If you have multiple labels on your pieces, then any freight handler may not know which one is the current one to be using. Freight can be sent to the location that you just shipped back from if it’s not perfectly clear which label is providing the current address or shipping info.
  11. Properly label and count your entire shipment. Put a label on each piece of freight.
  12. Condense the size of your booth shipment. For example, you can save a lot of money by using interlocking carpet panels. You can avoid carpet pad or rental costs since you can reuse these panels over and over again, and ship them in a 2x2 shipping case instead of a 10 foot long roll. It’s easier to ship and costs less.
  13. Save shipping costs by weighing and measuring each piece in your shipment.  This detailed information is invaluable in providing an accurate description of individual pieces that you may be trying to locate for any reason. Have the dimensions and the weight permanently written on the outside of each box or carton. Freight Handlers will use your figures and record that to your shipment paperwork. Be accurate.
  14. Supply your shipping rep and anyone else who will be handling your freight, EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS. This will help eliminate the possibility of your freight being forced at any Show. It also allows your carrier to be able to contact you at any time in order to make any necessary changes or authorizations.
  15. Staple to the door or lid of each crate or packing box a photo of what the inside of the crate or box looks like when correctly packed. This will help make the teardown process smoother.


To ship your product to the Show, please follow these procedures:

  • Label your crates/boxes in large, clear lettering with the following information:

               Your name and booth number
               c/o The One Of A Kind Show
               Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place
               Hall A, West Loading Dock
               Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3

  • You must be present to sign for the delivery. One Of A Kind Show staff are not authorized to sign on your behalf. Alternatively, you can instruct your shipper to drop off your delivery at your booth without a signature, if they are willing to do so.
  • Please make the necessary arrangements if you require a forklift.
  • If you are receiving a shipment during Show hours, all couriers and shippers must check in with the Exhibitor Back Door Staff on the loading dock. Staff will allow them to enter the Show to visit your booth.

At the end of the show, please arrange with your shipping company to pick up your merchandise and booth on Sunday, December 5, before 11:00 pm or on Monday, December 6 before 12 noon. Any items left at the Enercare Centre after this time will be shipped back at the exhibitor’s expense.  

Stronco Logistics

Stronco Logistics
T: 1-888-827-7469

Stronco Logistics has been appointed the Official Transportation Provider and Customs Broker for the One of a Kind Show. Exhibitors have the option, however, to ship their materials to the show via any carrier. To make arrangements with Stronco download the order form below.


Show Code: 502884128

DEADLINE: November 1, 2021

Stronco’s services include:

  • All modes of transportation including land, air, and sea
  • Local shipping
  • Real-time freight tracking
  • Canada, U.S. and international customs clearances
  • Advance warehousing

Other Shipping Companies

YRC Reimer
Tel. 905-795-4672

North American Logistics
Contact: Lynden Hennesy
Tel. 905-951-1612/1-888-595-5357

Forklift Service

Exhibitors requiring forklift service during Move-In and Move-Out must make arrangements with Stronco Show Services by using the Material Handling Online Order Form. Arrangements can also be made onsite by visiting the Stronco order desk. Onsite orders will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis so be sure to book early!

NOTE: If you are using a shipper and they are not going to unload your products directly to your booth at the Enercare Centre, you will receive a charge from Stronco, for use of their forklift service. Additional charges will apply for shipments that exceed 500lbs, contact Stronco for pricing at


Show Code: 502884128

DEADLINE: November 1, 2021

Dollies & Pallet Jacks

A limited number of dollies and pallet jacks are available for use at the show during move-in and move-out, on a first-come, first-serve basis. They will be located adjacent to the Exhibitor Entrance in the loading dock area. To borrow a dolly or pallet jack, you must be wearing your exhibitor badge and you will be required to leave one piece of identification and your booth number with our staff. You will be responsible for the dolly or pallet jack--if lost, you will be charged the replacement cost (approx. $1,000). Please return the dollies promptly, as they are in great demand by other exhibitors. Alternatively, you may bring your own dolly or pallet jack or have your boxes or crates on wheels.

NOTE: Dollies and pallet jacks are not allowed on the show floor during show hours and they are not allowed in the Galleria of the Enercare Centre at ANY time.

Valet Loading/Unloading Services

New this year! Trial Flat Rate for Material Handling

We worked with Stronco to come up with a trial flat rate material handling pricing model for 2021. Each pallet or crate will cost $121 regardless of weight. This flat rate will help you with your pre-show planning as you will know in advance exactly what it will cost. The fee includes the following services:

  • Unloading of your pallets/crates from the truck and delivering to your booth
  • Pick up of empty pallets/crates and placement into designated storage area
  • Return of empty pallets/crates after show closing
  • Loading of pallets/crates on your truck for return shipment

* These services are offered as a package, whether fully or partially used.*


Show Code: 502884128

DEADLINE: November 1, 2021

Children on the Show Floor During Move-In & Move-Out

During move-in and move-out the Show floor can be a very dangerous area with vehicles, cherry pickers, and fork lifts moving through the aisles, and nails and other debris left in the aisles. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, absolutely no children aged 15 or under are allowed onto the Show Floor during these times.

Please note that there will be no childcare provided for the Winter 2021 show.

Customs Letter of Recognition

To simplify the import process and ensure a smooth entry into Canada, international exhibitors should follow the requirements outlined in the Customs Letter of Recognition and distribute the letter as follows:

  • Present the customs letter of recognition to a CBSA officer when they arrive at the Canadian border
  • A copy of the letter should accompany any shipment of commercial goods to the event; and
  • A copy should be forwarded to the designated representative or customs broker, as applicable

Should you need a Customs Letter of Recognition, please email Megan Mitchell-Downey, Operations Coordinator, at

Border Crossing

We highly recommend that you visit The Canadian Border Services Agency website to familiarize yourself with the current border measures and requirements if you are planning to cross the Canada/US border.

Exhibitors who plan on crossing the border should consider the following points:

  • A list of the Point of Entries into Canada can be found here. Check wait-times and plan accordingly.
  • US citizens require a valid passport for travel to Canada and upon re-entry to the US.
  • Exhibitors should be prepared to answer questions from CBSA officers about why they are travelling to Canada.

For more information about travelling from the United States into Canada as a temporary business traveller, please visit The U.S. Embassy in Canada website.  

Informa Canada Inc. accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to paperwork, criminal record or other reasons. Exhibitors wishing to contact the Canada Border Services Agency may call 1-800-461-9999 within Canada or 1-204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 from outside of Canada. Alternatively, exhibitors may visit their website for more information:

Duties & Taxes

Equipment and exhibits for this show, which will leave the country after the show, may be brought in free of duties and taxes but are subject to a deposit equal to the duties and taxes normally levied on them. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). The Official Customs Broker has made arrangements with Canada Customs for a bond to cover all imports to this show. Exhibitors using the services of the Official Customs Broker will therefore not be required to issue a separate power of attorney.

Note: For printed materials, advertising material and give-away articles, Canada Customs requires the payment of full duties and taxes on these materials. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). For more details, contact the Official Customs Broker directly.

Informa Canada Inc. accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to paperwork, criminal record or other reasons. Exhibitors wishing to contact the Canada Border Services Agency may call 1-800-461-9999 within Canada or 1-204-983-3500 or 506-636-5064 from outside of Canada. Alternatively, exhibitors may visit their website for more information: