One Of A Kind

March 27-31, 2024
Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

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Welcome to One Of A Kind

On this page you will find some links and information to help you prepare for or think about joining the Show.

Booth Structure & Actual Dimensions

Your booth will start as a raw space, with concrete floors and a pipe-and-drape structure. These can be the building blocks of your booth, but we encourage you to think about the ways you can elevate your space to create a polished and professional backdrop for your brand.

You may notice that the internal dimensions of your booth space are slightly reduced to account for the pipe and drape structure, which is shared with your neighbors. Your entire display--including tables, chairs, merchandise, signage, walls, flooring and you and your staff--must fit within the confines of the booth size for which you have been contracted. 

New clause this year to give some clarity for your booth planning: "No display may be arranged so that an exhibitor must stand in the aisle to conduct business."  

Actual Dimensions of a 10x10 Booth Space

Contracted Size                  Actual Size

       5 x 10                                 4'-8" deep x 9'-8" wide

       5 x 15                                4'-8" deep x 14'-8" wide

       5 x 20                                4'-8" deep x 19'-8" wide

     10 x 10                                9'-8" deep x 9'-8" wide

     10 x 15                                9'-8" deep x 14'-8" wide

     10 x 20                                9'-8" deep x 19'-8" wide

Booth Design

We love all the ways our vendors express their brands, showcase their creativity and make our show come to life with your booth displays each year. Your booth can be your best-selling tool--drawing customers in, telling your story and showcasing off your work--so make it count! We’ve created this handy guide with basic requirements, best practices and extra credit ideas to really make your booth space pop! Make sure to also read through our Booth Design Regulations to ensure your booth is compliant. Last but not least, head over to our Best Booth Pinterest Boards for design inspiration.



If there is one thing we could recommend to every exhibitor, it’s hard walls. It's no coincidence that most of the pins on our Best Booth Pinterest Board feature hard wall. Whether you rent them from Stronco, build them yourself or buy them from a fellow maker, they will provide a clean canvas that highlights your work and elevates your brand. Just keep in mind that any hard walls you bring will need to fit within your actual booth dimensions, so as not to encroach on your neighbours' space.

If a hard wall structure is just not in the budget, we recommend looking into a heavier drape that will add weight and substance to your booth. Make sure to bring S hooks to hang your curtains from the pipe structure, as it is shared with your neighbour, so cannot be draped into their space. Or try mixing a hard wall at the back with curtained sides for a polished but more budget (and storage) friendly display.

Whatever you choose, we advise that you stay away from grids. We know they can be tempting, especially when there is lot to hang, but soon grids will no longer be allowed in the show so you need to make alternative plans.

Last but not least, make sure your display makes the most of vertical booth space, but keep all display, lighting and signage within the 8’ height limit.

More resources and links coming soon!

Stay tuned for more information