One Of A Kind

November 23 - December 3
Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

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Era Inspired Gift Guide, Curated by TSwift Dance Party

Step into a musical time machine as we journey through a gift guide inspired by the mega popstar’s discography that has shaped our generation's soundtrack.

We're teaming up with Taylor Swift Dance Party to bring Eras energy to the 2023 One Of A Kind Winter Show in Toronto!
On Sunday, Nov. 26 Taylor Swift Dance Party is hosting two Bracelet-Making Swiftie Meet-Ups and the "Cause We Never Go Out of Style" Fashion Runway and Costume Contest on the Main Stage, featuring DIY looks perfect for the Eras Tour next year.
So if you are a Swiftie and a fan of the Eras, don't miss out on this special day! Click here to book your space.

Inspired by Taylor Swift (Debut)

Moth Jewelry, Booth R-30

Bracelet by Moth Jewelry, Kilworthy, Ontario

Ophelie Hats, Booth P-39

Hat by Ophelie hats, Montreal, Quebec (5 days)

Inspired by Fearless

Reinna, Booth E-25

Beaded embroidery artwork, Reinna, Saint-Hubert, Quebec

This Ilk, Booth S-23

Vintage lace earrings, This Ilk, Verdun, Quebec

Inspired by Speak Now

Millicent Vee Knits, Booth P-10

Cotton slouchy hat in purple

Coats by Mary Ellen, Booth X-24

Cashmere and wool blend coat by Coats by Mary Ellen.

Inspired by RED

Lipcandy, Booth R-31

Party Girl! Lipstick, Lipcandy, Toronto, Ontario, 5 Days

I’ll Know It When I See It, Booth T-26

Main Character Energy Sticker, I’ll Know It When I See It, Vancouver, British Columbia

Ampara, Booth B-36

Linen Scarf & Wrap "Reds/Cream" by Ampara

Inspired by 1989

Spice Girl Eats, Booth H-19

Chai tea concentrate by Spice Girl Eats.

The Hot Shop by Artech Studios, Booth X-30

Glasses, Artech Studios, Tory Hill, Ontario

Light + Paper, Booth S-03 & Stephanie Cheng, Booth S-07

Light + Paper & Stephanie Cheng in Collab. 

Inspired by Reputation

Bone & Busk by Katharina Mior, Booth J-46

Cape, Bone & Busk by Katharina Mior, Toronto, Ontario

Alicja Confections, Booth G-54

Postcard Chocolate Bars, Alicja Confections, Ottawa, Ontario

Inspired by Lover

Divana, Booth P-45

Multi-colour gem necklace, Divana, Maple, Ontario

Okayok, Booth W-10

Happy heart sweatshirt, Okayok, Toronto, Ontario

Inspired by Folklore

Anto Yukon, Booth X-25

Soap, Anto Yukon, Whitehorse, Yukon

Feretale, Booth D-11

Knit cardigan, Feretale, Palgrave, Ontario

Light + Paper, Booth S-03 & Stephanie Cheng, Booth S-07

Light + Paper & Stephanie Cheng in Collab. 

Inspired by Evermore

ANIAN, Booth Q-04

Plaid wool coat, ANIAN, Victoria, British Columbia

Wick'ed Candle & Co, Booth R-25

Candle, Wick'ed Candle & Co., Alliston, Ontario (5 days)

Inspired by Midnight

Sage & Thistle Handmade, Booth V-24

Lavender & White Sage Soup

Hyper Echo Art, Booth Q-33

Clock, Hyper Echo Art, Etobicoke, Ontario (5 days)

Light + Paper, Booth S-03 & Stephanie Cheng, Booth S-07

Light + Paper & Stephanie Cheng in Collab.