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November 25 to December 5, 2021
Winter 2021 Exhibitor Manual
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  • Show Info
  • Move-In & Move-Out
  • Booth Regulations
  • Health & Safety
  • Exhibitor Services
  • Onsite Exhibitor Services
  • Selling Guidelines
  • Onsite Customer Services
  • Special Sections
  • Official Suppliers
  • COVID-19
  • Version Française


Product Storage

If you require product storage space, please consider the following:

  • As per Fire Regulations, there will be absolutely no product storage on the Loading Docks. Items left there will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense and the exhibitor will be invoiced for a storage space, labour, and/or forklift service.
  • There are a limited number of product storage spaces that may be purchased on a first-come first-serve basis. Please plan ahead as the storage spaces are usually sold out before the Show. Each product storage space is $160 in advance and $210 after the October 29, 2021 deadline (For 11 day exhibitors). Each product storage space is $115 in advance and $165 after the October 29, 2021 deadline (For 5/6 day exhibitors). Storage can be ordered online and payments can be made by VISA or MasterCard.
  • Once the transaction is processed, your product storage space is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Informa Canada Inc. is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any product while on the premises of the Enercare Centre and this includes the storage area. We strongly recommend that you contain your product in closed boxes labeled with your company name and booth number.

Storage Order Form - 11 Day Exhibitors 
Storage Order Form - 5 Day Exhibitors 
Storage Order Form - 6 Day Exhibitors

Deadline November 2, 2021

Crate Storage

Empty crates and boxes will be stored in a designated area  that is within the Fire Regulations. Please ask the Back Door Staff when you arrive at the Show for the location on the Loading Dock and be sure to have your crates/boxes labeled.

Booth Cleaning Service

The Enercare Centre provides an optional booth cleaning service. Exhibitors can choose from either a one time service or a nightly service. 


Booth Sitters

The booth sitters list is a list of people who have expressed interest in working at the show—including general availability and relevant work experience—but it is up to you to contact candidates and negotiate hours, compensation, etc. We typically hear from people in the two months leading up to the show, so check the list around then to see who is available.


Do you know someone who would be a great booth sitter? Have them fill out the Be a Booth Sitter Form to let us know their experience, availability and where they can be contacted and we will share the list with exhibitors who are looking for help at the show. Prospective booth sitters should have sales experience.

Hire Professional Help

Looking for professional sales help with specialized knowledge of selling at events? Connect out our friends at Cotton Candy Events and take advantage of their special OOAK rate to book polished, enthusiastic staff that know how to electrify any event experience.

Re-Sign for the Next Show

Re-sign information coming soon!

Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation is in effect as of July 1, 2017. Moving forward, you will need explicit consent in order to send news and info about your company to your e-newsletter list. Be sure to visit this Government of Canada website to ensure that you are covered under this new legislation. To help you understand what applies to you, tips on implementing to your business, things to consider and how to protect yourself visit

Overhead Announcements

To enhance the atmosphere during the Show, there will be limited announcements made over the PA system.

Announcements that WILL be made during the Show:

  • Lost child or medical emergency
  • Show Opening and Closing Warnings
  • If you have become lost or separated from the person that you came with today...

Announcements that will NOT be made during the Show:

  • Lost items - If you find a lost object please bring it to the Customer Service Centre or the Show Office.
  • Deliveries - If you are expecting a delivery, please instruct the shipper or courier to go the Exhibitor Entrance on the back Loading Dock and check in with the Back Door Staff. The One Of A Kind Show staff is not authorized to sign for any deliveries. Be sure your package is marked with your company name and booth number so that the Show staff can direct them to your booth.
  • Paging - If you must leave your booth, notify your staff where you can be found and how long you will be away. If you do not have any staff, please arrange for a booth sitter or let your neighbour know.
  • Car/vehicle - no announcements of any kind.
  • Lost or declined credit cards.

Parking Passes

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use your vehicles as storage or leave valuables in ANY of your vehicles at the show!

Personal Cars

Exhibitors may purchase prepaid parking passes to park their vehicles in a designated outdoor lot at the Enercare Centre at a discounted rate for exhibitors. See the Parking Pass Order Form for rates and locations and return the form, with payment, directly to the Parking Services Department. Your passes will be ready for pick up during move-in at the Exhibitor Services Desk located on the loading dock. Note that parking is free at available surface lots during move-in and move-out.



Campers & RVs

Please note that there is no RV Parking at Exhibition Place.  Those with RVs may be able to rent a parking spot on the grounds of Ontario Place, but should note that there is no electricity included in this space.

More information coming soon.

U-Hauls, Trailers, & Large Trucks

There will be a parking lot designated for exhibitors who need to leave empty trailers, hitches, U-Hauls or large trucks. There is no charge to leave them in that area, however, there are no in-and-out privileges.

More information coming soon.


Looking to save on shipping with One Of A Kind Show? 

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Freightcom! The goal of this partnership is to provide exhibitors and small businesses with a service that helps you save money on your shipping costs! Freightcom wants you to use your money where it matters most- growing your business! Come visit them at the show to get more information! 

Freightcom commits to help small businesses ship faster and smarter. They are an authorized partner of all major Canadian national couriers and resell their shipping services with enterprise level discounts. Freightcom knows that shipping packages out of Canada can get very costly, they are confident that they can offer exhibitors and small businesses with eye opening savings on their shipping with exclusive rates negotiated with One Of A Kind! 

Simply fill out the form here and a representative will contact you to get started in creating an account!