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ooak exhibitor manual

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November 24-December 4, 2022
Winter 2022 Exhibitor Manual
  • Exhibitor Kit
    • Show Info
    • Move-In & Move-Out
    • Booth Regulations
    • Health & Safety
    • Exhibitor Services
    • Selling Guidelines
    • Special Sections
    • Official Suppliers
    • Version Française
    • Code Of Conduct
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Resources
  • Resources
    • Facebook Group
    • Booth Design
    • Newsletter Archive
    • Sustainability
  • Meet The Team
  • Tickets & Badges
  • Artisan Profile
  • Marketing Resources

Make Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is key in any business, but when it comes to small businesses, finding the balance between costs and benefit and professional and personal means that there is no one roadmap for formulating a plan. Luckily, between the assets, opportunities and experiences the show offers and our amazing community of creative small business owners, there are lots of resources to set you on the path that makes the most sense for you! Below, you will find an overview of some of the marketing tools, resources and opportunities you can begin to build into your marketing plan for #OOAK22.

Your Brand

Today, a strong brand with a clear vision is a vital part of running a successful business. Identifying your brand mission and values will help you filter projects and opportunities through this lens and only focus your precious time and energy on those that will have the most impact on your business.

Within the context of shows, this is especially important in defining what sets you apart from other exhibitors in the same category. We know that most of our shoppers come out to walk the show from end to end, but it is up to you to make an impact. Find your unique selling proposition and build it into everything from your branding to merchandising and selling story, so that customers are motivated to buy from you on the spot or remember your story when it comes time to make their purchases.

Ask yourself:

  • What is your unique value?
  • What is it about your story that has these people coming to you?
  • How you can build on that to find other like-minded customers and makers to expand your community?

As you build your marketing plan for the #OOAK22 keep your brand values and unique selling proposition at the forefront of your mind to create a cohesive story that will have customers lining up to shop from you at the show!

Our Brand

Whether this is your first or fortieth show, participating in One Of A Kind is cause for celebration! We are proud to showcase the best creatives in the country and couldn’t be more thrilled to count you among our community. So, here you will find some assets to help you share with the world that you are on your way to OOAK!


We have the following set of logos that can be used by Exhibitors to announce their association with the 2022 One Of A Kind Spring Show.

Brand Guidelines

OOAK Logo (Creme)

OOAK Logo (Black)

Exhibitor Stamp (Vertical)

Exhibitor Stamp (Horizontal)

OOAK Logo (Creme)

OOAK Logo (Creme)

OOAK Logo (Black)

OOAK Logo (Black)

Exhibitor Stamp (Vertical)

Exhibitor Stamp (Vertical)

Exhibitor Stamp (Horizontal)

Exhibitor Stamp (Horizontal)


Our logos are created with paid fonts, but if you want to mimic the look for your promotions, here are the corresponding free fonts.

  • Download : Libre Baskerville (Normal 400) for logo lettering and headers.
  • Download: Open Sans Light (Book 300) for accent lettering and body text.

Colour Palette

Primary Brand Colours


HEX: #F9F1E1
RGB: 249 241 225
CMYK: 0 4 11 0
PMS: 9184 U


HEX: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
PMS: Neutral Black U

Winter 2022 Show Colours

Winter'22 Brand Colors

Midnight Navy

RGB 20 30 74
CMYK 100 92 40 40
Pantone295 U

Warm Gold

RGB230 151 24
CMYK8 45 100 1
Pantone7408 U

Marketing Opportunities

Your One Of A Kind experience will benefit from marketing, PR and experiential opportunities that can help you gain exposure for your brand. Take advantage of being featured in our marketing materials! Submit photos of your merchandise and information using the button below!

DEADLINE: September 30, 2022 

Social Media

Social media is an important part of preparing for a successful show! The more customers can learn about you and your process, the more they'll want to come out, meet and shop from you at the show. Create a social media plan that authentically represents your brand and share consistent content in the weeks leading up to and during the show.

Start by following and tagging us on Facebook (@oneofakindtoronto), Instagram (@ooak_toronto). Make sure to join the Artisan Facebook Group to connect with fellow exhibitors and get reminders of important show info.

Tag your posts, pictures and tweets with the Winter 2022 Show hashtag, #OOAK22.

Social Media Templates

We have developed a series of social media templates to announce your participation at the 2022 One Of A Kind Winter Show. These are in 3 following parts:

Catch Us

Part 1: Announcing your participation at the 2022 One Of A Kind Spring Show. Available in both the theme colors; posts & stories format!

Announcing Booth Numbers

Part 2: This will be used to announce your booth numbers at the show. You can download this in post & story format and just edit in your booth numbers.

Sneak Peak

Part 3: The ability to insert an image once to give a sneak peak into your upcoming preparations for #OOAK22. This is available in post & story size and you can edit in your picture along with the booth number.

Social Media Award

Coming Soon!

Social Media Policy

Here at One Of A Kind, we use social media to educate, engage and communicate with all of you as we work together towards a common goal: to create a safe and honest space to exchange ideas/resources to help make the maker community as strong and successful as it can be! We are committed to reading every post and comment and providing answers, information and resources, whenever possible. Please note our social media accounts are not monitored 24/7.  A small team checks posts and comments during regular office hours and do their very best to respond to inquiries within 1 business day.

As a One Of A Kind exhibitor, you have agreed to partner with us and are responsible for how you represent the brand, both on our channels and yours in the online world. Similarly, we are committed to stand by and represent our exhibitors in a positive and respectful manner on every communications channels, whether they be through advertisement, social media, print articles, etc. With this, please remember that any discussions pertaining to the show should be constructive and aimed at starting a healthy conversation to help improve the show. Any personal issues or isolated concerns should be addressed through the proper channels.

We encourage a useful exchange of comments, questions and suggestions. However, postings on any of our social media sites must not contain any inappropriate information, including but not limited to hate speech (personal attacks on fellow exhibitors or the show itself, profanity, racism, etc.), graphic, obscene, explicit or illegal submissions as well as advertisements and accusatory comments. One Of A Kind reserves the right to delete any inappropriate content. If an individual violates this policy, we reserve the right to block individuals from posting. As a member of this community, we also encourage you to report any inappropriate content so that we can maintain our community standards. 

Please use these guidelines and resources and remember to start a discussion, not a fire. Let’s be productive and work together to make One Of A Kind and the craft community the best they can be!