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ooak exhibitor manual
March 29 to April 2, 2023
Spring 2023 Exhibitor Manual
  • Exhibitor Kit
    • Show Info
    • Move-In & Move-Out
    • Booth Regulations
    • Health & Safety
    • Exhibitor Services
    • Selling Guidelines
    • Special Sections
    • Official Suppliers
    • Code Of Conduct
  • Marketing
    • Marketing Resources
    • Competition, Fashion Shows, and more!
  • Resources
    • Facebook Group
    • Booth Design
    • Newsletter Archive
    • Sustainability
    • Sponsor & Partner Offers
  • Meet The Team
  • Tickets & Badges
  • Artisan Profile
  • Awards
  • Re-Sign Process


All exhibitors at the Spring Show have the opportunity to submit a re-sign form to automatically reserve a space in next year's Spring Show. Take advantage of this great opportunity and be sure to submit you re-sign form by the end of the show!

Please take a moment to review the procedures:

  • Re-signs will be collected starting Wednesday, March 25, from 8:30 - 9:30am in Cafe Soleil. Following this you can submit your resign in the Show Office (Room C2) from two hours before show opening to ½ hour after show close. Booth placement for next year's show is assigned on a first come/first serve basis, so it is important to get your re-sign form in as early as possible to increase your chances of getting your preferred booth size.
  • Only one re-sign per person will be accepted.  We understand it is a busy time so we do not expect each exhibitor to hand in their re-sign personally. You can enlist an employee, friend or family member to submit your re-sign. We do ask that you fill in the re-sign personally so you can be sure all requests on the form are accurate. But we will not allow multiple re-signs to be submitted by individuals for their friends and neighbours. If you line up to submit multiple re-signs, only one will be accepted. In fairness to everyone there will be no exceptions.
  • Your re-sign form will be included in your Exhibitor Welcome Package with your badges, available during move-in (Monday, March 23 and Tuesday, March 24).
  • Any re-sign submitted without a valid credit card or cheque for the $500 deposit will be deemed invalid.
    Note: you have 30 days after the show to withdraw your re-sign without losing your deposit.



As a valued member of our Heritage Club, you will receive a special re-sign form. Simply hand in your filled out re-sign form before the end of the show and you will receive priority placement for next year’s show, as a thank you for more than two decades of loyalty and outstanding craftsmanship. Not sure if you are a member? Check here for a complete list.

Re-signs are accepted in Show Office (Room C2) daily, from two hours before show opening and during the show to 30 minutes after show close.



Flavours exhibitors will receive a special form and are simply asked to hand in their filled out re-sign form before the end of the show. As this section is a floor plan unto itself, re-signs will be collected separately and curation of the section will be at the discretion of show management.

Re-signs are accepted in Show Office (Room C2) daily, from two hours before show opening and during the show to 30 minutes after show close.


Right click on the images below and select Save Image As to download.

Winter 2021 Show Colours

Butter Yellow & Teal

Butter Yellow

  • Pantone 120 U
  • CMYK 0 15 68 0
  • RGB 255 202 87
  • HEX #FFCA57


  • Pantone 3145 U
  • CMYK 92 51 45 20
  • RGB 0 94 110
  • HEX #005E6E


Download these graphics to tell followers you will be at the One Of A Kind Show.



Want to create your own official booth number announcement?

We've created these Canva templates where you can fill in your own booth number and then download a copy to share! Just create an account in Canva--you can sign up quick with Google or Facebook--then click the images below to access the templates and add your booth number. Need more instructions? Click here for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Pre-Show Marketing

  • First things first—give yourself the best chance to be selected for show marketing and PR opportunities by filling in your Artisan Profile and updating your One Of A Kind Online Shop. Our marketing and PR teams use these pages to source product for promotions, our show decorator selects products for onsite displays and in the weeks before the show, these pages will see a significant uptick in traffic as shoppers plan their must-see booths at the show. Make sure you are set up to capture all of these opportunities as soon as possible!
    • Plus, only those with completed profiles will be able to receive their booth number when they go live on October 21th.
  • Take advantage of lots of ticket options to invite your friends, family, followers, loyal customers and potential buyers to come see you at the show. Look out for us to share more information on these great tools in the fall. Till then, think of creative ways you can use them in your marketing and promotions.
    • e-Ticket Discount Link: In the back end of your Artisan Profile, you will find your unique e-ticket discount code/link, which you can use to offer $1 off tickets to the show. While early bird tickets are on sale, that is $3 off regular full ticket price, so plan to promote your code at least once before the early bird deadline and then again closer to the show. PLUS, we've got some great rewards for the exhibitors whose codes help bring the most customers out to shop from everyone at the show!
    • 10 Complimentary e-Tickets: Once you have paid in full, you will be able to access your 10 complimentary e-tickets. Use them wisely and invite your most valued visitors, like loyal customers that you know will spend big or that buyer you have been after. Once you receive your log in info, you will be able to send, track and manage your complimentary e-tickets through your personal ticketing portal.

Social Media

Social media marketing can be a powerful tool, if you learn how to use it right. We'll provide tools--like graphics and content prompts--to help you fill your social schedule, and we encourage you to reach out if you have questions or there is something you want to learn more about.

First, start by following One Of A Kind's consumer channels on social media, so that you get all the info on all of our upcoming consumer campaigns and promotions and can repost or adapt our content to promote your participation in the show. Then, connect with our team for info, special events and a behind-the-scenes look as we prepare for the show.

Then, start using our hashtags to connect with friends, followers and fellow exhibitors of One Of A Kind.

  • #ooak21: This is our event hashtag and one used by exhibitors and visitors alike.
  • #ooakdiaries: This one is just for you--the makers! We use #ooakdiaries to capture your process as you prepare for the show and we cap it all off with the #ooakdiaries Challenge in the weeks before and at the show.

We also encourage you to also use social media to build your maker community ahead of the show by joining the Artisan Facebook Group. Here, you can connect with the team and fellow exhibitors to exchange tips and resources and make sure you are up-to-date on your show prep.

A Few Dates to Mark on Your Social Media Content Calendar:

  • The Day You Get In To the Show: Show us your #ooakhappydance, repost this graphic or grab one of our logos to share the news that you are on your way to OOAK!
  • October 21: This is the day booth numbers will go live, so save a spot to tell everyone where they can find you at the show.
  • Mid-October: Look out for our Facebook Event page to be released, so that you can invite everyone to come see you at the show!
  • Starting on November 11th, we'll begin the #ooakdiaries challenge, three weeks of daily content prompts to help inspire your social media promotions.

And last, but not least, don't miss out on the chance to win our Social Media Award! At each show, we'll award one artisan who most creatively and consistently shares content, engages with customers and promotes the show our $100 grand prize. So, don't forget to use those hashtags  #ooak21 and #ooakdiaries--for your chance to win!

The #OOAK Diaries Challenge

The #ooakdiaries Challenge is almost here! Each year, we challenge exhibitors to maximize their social promotion in the weeks leading up to and at the show, with three weeks of content prompts to help inspire you. Play along a la carte or join in and do the whole thing--just make sure you are telling your story and reminding customers to come shop from you in those crucial weeks before the show!

Download a copy of the challenge, for reference, below and read an explanation of each hashtag here.

Booth Design Guide

We love all the ways our vendors express their brands, showcase their creativity and make our show come to life with your booth displays each year. Your booth can be your best selling tool--drawing customers in, telling your story and showcasing off your work--so make it count! We’ve created this handy guide with basic requirements, best practices and extra credit ideas to really make your booth space pop! Make sure to also read through our Booth Design Regulations to ensure your booth is compliant. Last but not least, head over to our Best Booth Pinterest Boards for design inspiration. 

Booth building costs will vary, but you can start to get a sense of your estimated costs in this thread in the Facebook Group. We also recommend checking out Light + Paper's booth building breakdown in her OOAK Tips Instagram Stories highlight. View your booth costs through a long-term lens and think of each piece as an investment in growing your business with One Of A Kind. Costs should be amoretized over the years you will be able to use pieces to get a clearer picture of their value. Building a professional booth right out of the gate is a great way to jumpstart sales and customer engagement, but if you need to take it slow, follow booth design pro Diana Watters lead--think about what pieces will make the most impact up front and created a staged plan to invest in other aspects of your display over time.

And, if booth design is just not your game, we’d like to introduce you to our friend Ani Nersessian of VM ID. Ani offers a host of services, like pre-show booth design, sourcing furnishing, merchandising and onsite booth design consultations to help your booth look it's best!


If there is one thing we could recommend to every exhibitor, it’s hard walls. It's no conincidence that most of the pins on our Best Booth Pinterest Board feature hard wall. Whether you rent them from Stronco, build them yourself or buy them from a fellow maker, they will provide a clean canvas that highlights your work and elevates your brand.  Just keep in mind that any hard walls you bring will need to fit within your actual booth dimensions, so as not to encroach on your neighbors' space.

If a hard wall structure is just not in the budget, we recommend looking into a heavier drape that will add weight and substance to your booth. Make sure to bring S hooks to hang your curtains from the pipe structure, as it is shared with your neighbor, so cannot be draped into their space. Or try mixing a hardwall at the back with curtained sides for a polished but more budget (and storage) friendly display.

Whatever you choose, we advise that you stay away from grids. We know they can be tempting, especially when there is lot to hang, but starting in 2020, grids will no longer be allowed in the show so you should start to make alternative plans. You can find a great selection of alternatives and suggestion for updating your grids in VM ID's recommended walls breakdown above.

Last but not least, make sure your display makes the most of vertical booth space, but keep all display, lighting and signage within the 8’ height limit.

Not sure what the best choice is for you? No problem!  Ani from VM ID created an overview of recommended walls for all kinds of booth structures.

Exhibitor Loyalty Ticket Program

Starting at Winter 2019, One Of A Kind has partnered with a new ticketing company, Growtix, as part of our commitment to improve the digital experience for our customers.

We are excited to share with you the new Exhibitor Loyalty Ticket Program (formerly Frequent Flyers). Now, you can reward your loyal followers and customers by sharing your personal ticketing link which offers them the extended Early Bird discount of $13.00 Adult Admission tickets from now until the final day of the Show. Plus, as a thank you for your continued support of the show, we will also send you an extra complimentary ticket for the 2020 Winter Show for every 10 tickets purchased through your link.  

Important things to be aware of:

  • All discounts are applied at checkout and not in the initial price of the ticket.
  • We have NO MORE individual promocodes for exhibitors, there is only now a link.
  • The promocode applied is a generic promocode to ensure your customers receive the discount. In order to have the ticket purchase apply to your loyalty program, it must be done through your unique URL link.


Email to have it resent.



  • Your unique ticket link was emailed to you on Tuesday, October 1 from
  • This link will take you to our ticketing site (see below).

  • Customers can select as many adult tickets as they wish to purchase.
  • They can then proceed to Customer Information on page 3, once all items have been added to the cart. The $2.00 discount is only available on Adult Admission. You will see the promocode applied as part of your affiliate link.

Complimentary Tickets

Each exhibitor will receive 10 complimentary e-tickets to share with family, friends, loyal customers, contest winners or that buyer that you have been after for a while! With our new ticketing provider comes a faster and easier way of sending out your complimentary tickets--just follow the instructions below.

  • On Thursday, October 24, you received an email from with a link to your unique ticket management page. If you do not have this email, you can email Jess who will reissue it.
  • At the link, Under "Basic Details", you will be able to add a description, logo and website which will populate in your ticket email.

  • After that, they can then proceed through the normal purchasing process to obtain their discounted tickets.


The unique URLs provided can be quite lengthy. To reduce the length  of your link and personalize it so that it is easy to remember, we recommend that you create a short link with a free service like Bitly ( It’s fast, easy and free! It will even track the number of times your link has been clicked. For example, we created so that you can find instructions for using your ticket link whenever you need them! You'll find instructions for setting up your Bitly link when you sign up for an account.

  • From there, click the "Vouchers" tab and with a few simple steps, you will be able to send out your tickets.

    a. Enter the First Name, Last Name and Email Address of your desired ticket recipient.
    b. Then click "Send Voucher" and the ticket will be automatically sent to their inbox.
  • Once you have started to send your tickets, you will see a log of your recipients. Once the recipient has received and downloaded the ticket it will say ‘claimed’ next to their name.


  1. Once the ticket has been sent, it cannot be resent to another person, please bear that in mind before sending your tickets.
  2. If you want to print and send the tickets yourself, please send the tickets to your own email with your own personal information.


Each exhibitor will receive a total of 6 exhibitor badges; one will have the exhibitor's name, company name and booth number and the other five will read “Staff”, company name and booth number.

Instead of mailing your temporary move-in badges to you ahead of time, we will have them available as you enter the building during move-in. The sticker badges must be worn by you and your staff during move-in until you have picked up your permanent badges. If you have helpers/staff who will be arriving befor you, make sure they can identify the booth number and company name when they arrive and they will be issued move-in stickers.

You must wear your badge during move-in, during the Show and at move-out. Exhibitors without a badge will NOT be allowed into the Show. Do not lose your badge!

If you would like to leave staff badges for pick-up by staff that are working during the show you may do so at the Show exit at the south end of aisle B, in the Galleria. Staff badges cannot be left at the front entrance to the Show and will not be accepted at the Ticket Pick-up Kiosk.

Staff helping you during move-in only will receive a temporary move-in badge on set-up days from the staff at the Marshalling Yard. Your staff must be accompanied by one person with a permanent exhibitor badge (i.e. the one that will be available for pick-up during Move-In) in order to be allowed into the building.

Replacement badges, additional badges or reprinted badges can be purchased on-site at the Show Office - Room C2. Each badge is $15.

Marshalling Yard


How to Navigate the Marshalling Yard Process

All 11-Day and 5-Day exhibitors must first report to the Marshalling Yard at the corner of Fleet Street and Strachan Avenue. From the Marshalling Yard, exhibitors will be sent over to the Loading Dock area as appropriate unloading spaces become available (dependant on the exhibitor's choice of move-in offloading option).


Exhibitor Safety and Security Tips

Download Now

Exhibitor Safety and Security Tips


Exhibitor Safety and Security Tips - FR

Download Now

Exhibitor Safety and Security Tips