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November 21- December 1, 2024
Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

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Smarter Gift-Giving with One Of A Kind - A thoughtful way to buy gifts!

With our ongoing marketing efforts, we are helping consumers become smarter gift-givers. We will be launching a quiz for our audiences which will help them classify the giftee basis 5 personality types, at the end of which they will get an option to shop a customized gift guide and explore the exhibitor directory based on the personality of the person they are shopping for. We encourage you to classify your products based on those five personality types, by updating your exhibitor profile. We plan to publish gift guides and recommendations based on these personality profiles, so by updating your profile you are more likely to be featured in our marketing and social communications throughout the year.

The Naturalist

The Naturalist is instinctively interested in and aware of their surroundings. They are nature smart! They learn very easily outdoors and are drawn to working with nature. They enjoy opportunities to learn about living things, like plants, animals, and other biology-related subjects, and natural events, such as weather or geology. Many naturalistic persons do extremely well in science and are often aware of, and are active members on, issues related to the environment.
Naturalistic learners love to hold and touch the world around them. They are drawn to objects inspired by nature, to be used to better observe or experience nature, or that incorporate natural materials, and are likely looking for environmentally friendly products.

The Free Spirit

The Free Spirited person is often defined as someone who is unconcerned with social norms or fitting in, but rather geared toward creativity, artistic expression, romantic ideals, and an emotive, flowy, go-with-the-vibe kind of attitude. They love the cultural diversity of the world around them, are more likely to travel and have multiple passions.
Objects that give you pause and make you think, fully expressing the creativity of their maker, are likely to be their preferred ones. They are not afraid of colour and mixing and matching styles.

The Urbanite

The Urbanite in your life is likely to be in the know about all the latest news, the best places to visit in the city and is always busy. They like edgier designs, a bit of glamour, and putting together opposing, yet complementary décor in their home. They like the hustle and bustle of the city, absorbing and processing information but they also need comfortable, clean places to relax. They are more likely to eat out and have a sophisticated coffee machine at home.
A Contemporary Urbanite looks for edgy designs that are functional but unique, materials recently discovered or used in unusual ways, colours and artistic styles that are on trend and can fit in smaller spaces.

The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist enjoys tradition, formal settings and established codes. They have a knack for learning and following rules. Their home may have matched furnishings of the same period, saturated colour, multiple patterns, with heavy layers of window treatments and accessories.
In terms of objects, traditionalists appreciate where things come from and value the workmanship and history of an object. They understand the work that went into making something, and don’t take anything for granted.
Objects for traditionalists are well-crafted, in classical colours and combinations. They are more likely to host a dinner party and mark all the various holidays and important moments in their lives so anything that helps them entertain and decorate for classical holidays would be appreciated.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist focuses on minimizing distractions that keep them from doing what matters to them. They want to own only what adds value and meaning to their lives, and the lives of people they care about. They are intentional about how they spend their time and resources.
Minimalism is defined as a design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect. Minimalism had its origins in the arts—with the artwork featuring simple lines, only a few colours, and careful placement of those lines and colours.
When searching a gift for a minimalist, their loved ones look for objects which are engineered and designed with the cleanest lines and the most efficient use of space and resources, which can serve more than one purpose, and are durable and of high quality.