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November 21- December 1, 2024
Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

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Month of Love Gift Guide

This month, we celebrate and honour parents, caregivers, guardians, and partners. These people have a special place in our hearts.

We acknowledge that not every family structure may look the same, but we believe love is what makes a family.

If you are planning on expressing your appreciation with a unique object, we've got you covered! Find the curated gift guide below for the special people in your life.

3/4oz. Tonic & Caro Sanchez

3/4oz. Tonic

3/4oz. is first and foremost a collaboration between two friends, Alexandrine Lemaire and Hannah Palmer, respectively designer and photographer, who share the same passion for quality products, design, photography, gastronomy... and celebration.

Caro Sanchez

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and timeless design, each piece brings the beauty of simplicity to the wearer. Using recycled metals, every piece is made individually by hand in her studio. Originally from Chile, designer Caro Sanchez began her self-taight jewellery practice in Toronto in 2014 where she now lives with her family.

Lana Betty & Jilly Frances

Lana Betty

Lana is a 3D designer and goldsmith based originally from Kelowna, British Columbia. She works exclusively with North American mined Silver and Gold and only chooses ethically sourced gemstones, including diamonds. The team stands firm in the belief that through high-quality craftsmanship and sensitivity to global sustainability trends, their jewelry can be created by carefully sourcing refined and ethical gemstones.

Jilly Frances

Jilly Frances finds herself earmarking the residue of daily life, recognizing the ever-changing nature of time and light. Capturing transience in the form of nuanced portaiture - of skies or shadows, of lines or poetry - she continues to take notes in this way, imbuing ephemera with a sense of performance. By catching moments that transform or disappear even while we witness them, the work does its best to reflect energy that is both present and fleeting.

Studio 648 Pottery & Roncy Packs

Studio 648 Pottery

Alicia, the potter and owner of Studio 648 Pottery creates functional pottery for everyday living. With strong attention to detail, Studio 648 Pottery is committed to creating pieces that are both durable and functional. No pieces are exactly alike, their work is a reflection of their individuality and creativity. Craftsmanship and skill are invested in the art.

Roncy Packs

Roncy Packs is a women-owned, family-run business, handcrafting fanny packs (mostly) using upcycled materials in Toronto. What started off as a fun summer hobby, has become an incredible journey into sustainable fashion. They're more committed now than ever to keep things slow, small, and close to home.

Le point visible & Pomp & Ceremony

Le point visible

Marilyn, founder and quilter of Le point visible, has surrounded herself with women who would pass on their passion for sewing since childhood. Raised by her grandmother and aunts, all of whom were seamstresses, every moment could become an excuse to take out the needle and thread. This family environment became a place of transmission, ideal for the exploration of materials, textures, and colours.

Pomp & Ceremony

Must-have accessories for men will complete your look with their collection of bow ties, neckties and pocket squares. Andrea Dixon, owner and designer of Pomp & Ceremony will help you build your perfect look! The team, at Pomp & Ceremony understands choosing a print for your special occasions can feel overwhelming, you can book a consultation to find the perfect print for you! All of their items are handmade in Toronto, Ontario.

Earth and Hide & Pacific Puzzle Co.

Earth and Hide

Earth and Hide is a lifestyle brand that focuses on high-quality leather goods with a timeless rugged quality. Chuck the owner and creator behind Earth and Hide says every customer has a unique story and their product will become an integral part of that story, especially through consistent use. Chuck’s hope is that his work will be an integral part of the amazing things his customers do.

Pacific Puzzle Co.

Co-founders, Aaron and Kat are the creatives behind Pacific Puzzle Co. They were inspired to create this puzzle company after falling in love with the peace and quiet of puzzle time. They wanted something fresh, exciting and relevant to their style. Their mission is to bring back quality time away from technology, one piece at a time.

PleaseNotes Goods & Spirits with Smoke

PleaseNotes Goods

Cheryl Sutherland of PleaseNotes Goods gives people access to life-changing tools and techniques. She has been guided to help others boost their self-confidence so they can deepen their impact and maximize their potential. Over the last 7+ years, Cheryl has been able to work with thousands of people one-on-one and through her products and services help people achieve long lasting results.

Spirits with Smoke

Dedicated to enhancing the cocktail experience and enabling people to create unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Spirits with Smoke provides cocktail smoking boards and cocktail kits meticulously designed by bartenders for bartenders. By infusing cocktails with smoke, Spirits with Smoke elevate the flavour, aroma, and appearance, transforming them into extraordinary creations.


ENSO Granola

Ethan, Founder of ENSO Granola aims to deliver exceptional food, and in doing so, validates his dedication and passion of cooking. Crafting granola that is simple, delightful, and it feels like homemade. ENSO Granola is on a journey to refine and reach perfection by expanding their offerings to create more delightful and nourishing food.


The whole concept of COLENTI was founded on the basis to think creatively and to design classic pieces that bear utility, are natural and remain for years to come. Each piece is cut by hand and ensure all seams are sewn in a way to help withstand the test of time. Their fabrics are sourced from businesses either locally or within Canada, they use quality sustainable materials, and they plan to continue this path for the long-haul.